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On May 26, the Paris Hub lauched its first project, "Shape Social Action", a meetup between associat
The Durban Global Shapers are formally alive!
At this tender age, we often see underprivileged children getting trapped in the web of child labour
Nurturing Skills is designed to bring together shapers in the community to work together to develop
The project of 'Blood Donation' is organising regular campaigns to call for volunteers and promote t
A career fair is a venue in where students and employers can exchange ideas and information about em
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20 Mayo 2016
Yesterday, we were honored to have Eldar Abdrazakov as a guest of the third session of the Global Ta
On the 17th of April Aizhan Kapysheva 4th year student at Nazarbayev University, organized Astana Wo
Una mirada de la pedagogía educativa de P.