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José Parra Moyano

Paradigma Quant Creativity / Lionstep
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José is an Economist and Entrepreneur aiming to empower the use of technology (Blockchain, Machine Learning etc.) to solve open issues in society. He is cofounder at Lionstep, a company that uses Machine Learning Algorithms to capture the affinity degree between job seekers and job positions. Lionstep develops easy to use products that embody years of research into usable, visual, and intuitive services. The vision of Lionstep is to improve the quality of the labor market by creating an efficient market of candidates and positions, in order to match the right people with the right job. By reducing the time that a person needs to find a suitable position and by increasing the satisfaction of employees and employers with every hire, Lionstep aims to reduce the social and economic inefficiencies generated by unemployment. Besides, José is researching as a PhD Student in the field of Blockchain Mechanism Design at the University of Zurich, and is member of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum.

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