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On Sunday, March 12, the Global Shapers Johannesburg Hub hosted hub members from Soweto and Tshwane
On Tuesday, April 11th, the Jeddah Shapers hub conducted a Meet the Leader session with Young Global
Who are you? When I am not raving about my love for chai, I work in development at the int
     بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للألغام اقامت منظمة " جلوبل شيبرز عدن "حملة توعو
The Berlin Shapers partnered with the Hertie School of Governance's Gender Equality and Sexuality (G
Event Date: 
01 Apr 2017
Event Date: 
15 Feb 2017
On Wednesday, February 15th, the Jeddah hub conducted a Pitching event for hub members to present th
Global Shapers Istanbul collaborated with CNN Türk to organize a TV debate on the current status of