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The Durban Agreement on #OpenAfrica was reached at a meeting of the Africa50 Global Shapers at the T
The Ho Community is endowed with young people engaged in start-ups and contributing to helping impac
The Global Shapers Ho Hub has launched it's US$10,000 project to provide potable drinking water for
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08 Jul 2017
 “The 4th Industrial Revolution is still in its nascent state.
During June, 26-29 th, I was privileged to be at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions (also calle
The Global Shapers Bhopal Hub today released its first set of speaker list for its upcomoing Shape S
"How Global Shapers Ho Hub is mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution." Our modern day lives
The Global Shapers Community, Kano Hub has inducted a new set of Shapers at the handing-over ceremon
The Global Shapers hub in Amsterdam has chosen Jan Scheele to be the new Curator of the hub in the u