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Global Shapers Annual Survey

Global Shapers Annual Survey


The Global Shapers Annual Survey 2017 is now live! Please invite more young people from the age 18 to 35 to take the survey. You can use the link below to share the survey. Thank you for your strong support!

The Global Shapers Community is committed to ensuring that young people contribute to shaping the world. We do this by ensuring that young people’s actions have impact and that their voices are heard.

In 2015 our first-ever Annual Survey was received positively around the world as it represented perspectives from Global Shapers from all over the world. The results helped us all to learn more about the importance and the diversity of the perspectives of young people.

In 2016 the #ShapersSurvey is a more democratic adventure as it is open it to all young people everywhere, creating a powerful voice of youth for all those interested in supporting young people. Together we explore two questions:

What do young people think about the world?

What do they want to do about it?


See the results of the 2016 #ShapersSurvey here:


We are humbled and grateful for the 26,615 people who responded to the survey. We would like to thank all members of the Global Shapers Community and all friends of the Community whose efforts made this possible, especially our Survey Affiliates.


Our hope is that all stakeholders will use the results to guide policy and action to build a better world. And finally, to those who do make use of these findings, thank you for helping us to support young people everywhere.