The HoPhotoWalk Project

Event Date: 
01 Apr 2017

                                                                            HoPhotoWalk Project

                                                Improving Ho’s online footprint to boost Local & Global Economies


The Global Shapers Ho Hub of the World Economic Forum in partnership with Ho Node, a digital innovation hub is organizing a photo walk in Ho, the capital city of the Volta Region as part of the Hub's Digital_Ho Project.


The Ho Hub is convening photographers, digital media enthusiasts and the general public to embark on a 3-hour walk/tour to explore and capture historical, natural sites, landmarks; as well as experience the warmth of Ho.


The objective is to open up Ho digitally, boost businesses, tourist attractions, and attract investment opportunities by sharing well-optimized photos online and accurately editing Ho on Wikipedia webpage.


The photowalk scheduled for April 1, 2017 at 7am, kicks off at the Asogli State Palace; through the main streets of Ho and ending at the HoNode Hub 26 Wudake Avenue, Ho. The Global Shapers Ho Hub is inviting photographers, videographers, and digital media enthusiasts to volunteer by registering here: (http://bit.ly/2m2Xic5) to participate in this exciting event.



The HoPhotoWalk Project will empower business owners, entrepreneurs and young people in Ho and its surrounding communities with digital skills to improve their businesses, improve the local economy through digital business support systems, investor opportunities, financial inclusion and skills acquisition. This will also be an effective way to build confidence and stimulate creative juices amongst participants, exchange of ideas and building of business partnerships.