One of the major agenda’s issues of the recent Ivanovo Hub meeting, which took place on December, 17, was organizing of TEDx event in Ivanovo. Ivanovo shapers are looking forward to conduct it as a crucial part of hub’s activities in the upcoming 2017. 

We emphasize that TED format is familiar to the Ivanovo community. During the couple of recent years the project named “YOU SPEAK” has been implementing in our city by Artyom Gladyshko, entrepreneur and shaper. It foresees the short speeches delivered by the participants of the show publicly on diverse issues.

“The popularity of “YOU SPEAK” project is rising so as the awareness of Ivanovo citizens about TED format. If we manage to conduct TEDx event here, that would be the outstanding success for our community”, - Artyom Gladyshko says.

The founding curator of Ivanovo Hub Dmitry Maslov informs that Ivanovo shapers stand on developing the roadmap of the project in order to launch it in November 2017

“All the Ivanovo shapers are intended to make provisions for comprehensive evolution of our region. So we clearly see that TEDx will deliberately contribute to this end”, - Dmitry notes. Also he appealed to work out step-by-step preparation worksheet in cohesion with Russian and foreign experts on TED.  

Besides negotiating on “IVANOVO detecTED” the shapers also voted for the Charter of Ivanovo Hub and adopted the work schedule for the upcoming year.