UnMuted goes Live!!

Unmuted is an Ahmedabad Global Shaper’s Hub Project and is launched in 277 cities across the world. UnMuted is a voice raising platform for citizens to report civic issues, governments to track, manage, and solve - ultimately making cities better through transparency, collaboration, and cooperation.

 It is not about ‘banging out code’ or ‘diving in data’ but mentality of engaged civic action by bridging the gap between government and citizens.

   UnMuted app on your smartphone, with its rich user interaction design and location aware state-of-the art technology, lets you to report issues in real time, support fellow citizens for reported issues and to help government with real time information. 

  The Language agnostic UI Design allows the app to be used by citizens which don’t English as the primary language or are illiterate and the Cloud based Architecture allows it to be scaled in multiple cities in no time 

 Wide access to mobile phones will make it an ideal platform for government and citizen bypassing the need for traditional physical networks for communications and saving the time of both – citizens and public service personnel in both emerging and developed economies. 

  Also smartphones take civic engagement to whole new level with ‘anywhere, anytime’ dimension and opens up opportunities for citizens to participate in decision-making processes that directly affect them. 

  Video Link (animation)