The Architects role is to manage the Global Shapers Shapers Community processes, documentation, infrastructure and reporting. We have structured a deliberate focus on our key processes and guidelines to ensure the scalability of the work of the Global Shapers Team and the evolving needs of the Global Shapers Community. During this year, our attention has been focused on increasing the efficiency of our processes to ensure that we remain in a position to seize opportunities and adopt and implement creative ideas that strengthen the Community.  These processes along with the strengthening of the collaboration platform for Global Shapers will help ensure the continued success of the Global Shapers Community.



The Collaboration portfolio aims to create opportunities that will help Shapers to develop their leadership potential and also, help the community to grow as a whole. The Global Shapers Team has continued to build and explore collaborations internally with Forum communities, and also externally, with other organisations. Collaborations also include facilitating and overseeing community-wide initiatives and projects.

With other Forum communities, Global Shapers have been invited to engage with various Forum communities on diverse activities. For example, Shapers were invited to engage in the World Economic Forum’s Leadership, Trust and Performance Equation Project which encouraged debate on Twitter on how leaders can create high-trust organizations.

Externally, the Shapers Team have formulated a strategy for managing the increasing requests from external organisations to collaborate with, taking into account the creation of value for shapers and the community.


Hub Activity

Refers to all projects and tasks that Hubs undertake to connect with and contribute to their communities. This falls into one of the following three categories:

  1. Hub Projects: Projects that Global Shapers run together to improve something specific in their cities
  2. Hub Governance and Structure: Local governance rules and recruitment of new Shapers.
  3. Hub Capacity Building: Everything Global Shapers do to improve their skills to have a lasting positive impact in their communities. From trainings to meeting local leaders and visiting local organizations, to travelling to other Hubs in their region or around the world.


Hub Development

Our Hub Development philosophy consists in growing quickly, while keeping up the highest standards of quality. We aim to be in every human settlement where a critical mass of young change makers can leverage the framework and network of the Global Shapers Community in order to visibly improve their city. We carefully select Founding Curators with the relevant skillset, experience and local network to establish new Hubs with us, At the same time neighbouring Curators and Shapers provide support and share any best practice necessary for the healthy, consistent and sustainable growth of the Community. 



One of the main objectives of the Global Shapers Community is the inclusion of young people in the agenda-setting process on global issues. World Economic Forum meetings provide a platform for top businessmen, NGO’s, leaders, public figures, academics and other stakeholders to come together to discuss and debate current events and future trends. Since the inception of the Global Shapers Community, Shapers have been invited to participate in these meetings.  

Global Shapers that are invited to World Economic Forum events are selected through a rigorous evaluation process. These applications are reviewed by a cross-section of World Economic Forum staff, from multiple teams, and for each event we select a group of Shapers that are highly successful, diverse in backgrounds and geography and gender-balanced. This process not only helps with our impartiality, but also gives us a great opportunity to increase the visibility of our Shapers towards our colleagues, who in turn are excited to introduce Shapers to their own constituents.



Partnerships is one of the key responsibility areas for our Community. For the continuation of our Community’s efforts, it is a top priority to choose partners that share the same values, spirit and faith in young people. Global Shapers Community Partners provide intellectual, promotional and financial support based on their belief in the power of youth to shape a more positive future for the world. Through the development of customized engagement plans for each Community Partner, we are making sure that this relationship is mutually beneficial and always focused on the Community’s mission.