Shape Europe 2014 - Lisbon - Bid

16.10.14 to 18.10.14

The Lisbon Hub submited a bid to host Shape Europe 2014. 

We propose the meeting is held in Lisbon from October 16th to the 18th. 19th (a sunday) will be a sleep and enjoy Lisbon day before returning home. 

Spread the inspiration 

Europe as an equal and prosperous society
Knowledge economy and entrepreneurship
Re-industrialization: Innovation and family lead businesses
Europe as the role model for political governance
Inspire the new generation of ethical and globally‐minded political leaders
The social state and its sustainability
Europe as the bridge to the world
Europe and the dialogue with Latin America, Africa and Asia, the importance of the southern countries
Heritage - an unexplored global asset
Define the goals and objectives for European Shapers for 2015

The event will be split in two acts:

Act I - The Conference
Shapers and keynote guests will discuss and debate each objective of the meeting. This day wil allow 
setting the topics to be addressed during the UnConference in Day 2.
Act II - The UnConference
Shapers get to work on a series of small round tables hosted and organized by each hub. Calls for session hosting will be opened two months prior to the event. Best proposals will be selected. Action items derived from these sessions will constitute the action plan for European shapers in 2015

As you can see the engament of the shaper community is crucial for the sucess of Shape Europe 2014 - Lisbon. We already gathered the support of different hubs and shapers to our bid. 

We need the community to make Shape Europe 2014 - Lisbon Happen!

Please support us doing two small things:
1 - Send us a video saying "I want Shape Europe 2014 in Lisbon" 
2 - Like us in facebook, we want to reach milestone 250 soon. 

See you all in Lisbon Soon!


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