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Outgoing Curator: 

Akilnathan Logeswaran

Head of CEMS International Development Group
CEMS | The Global Alliance In Management Education
About me:

Akilnathan Logeswaran is a Digital Strategy Consultant & Social Media Lead for a top international consulting firm. In 2016 the Curator of the WEF Global Shapers Munich was appointed Juror on behalf of the European Commission and the European Parliament for the international video contest 'Shining Stars of Europe'.

As Founding Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the lifestyle brand TamilCulture Germany, he empowers 2nd generation refugees and their children on a regional level. Internationally, he is a strong advocate for the Effective Altruism movement and a Member of the United Nations Association of Austria.

Akilnathan is one of the 50 most prominent German voices tackling the refugee crisis (Huffington Post), known for the impact he has made as an (online) activist. His raison d’être is to build a global culture of sharing and of spreading happiness, while taking a strong stand on refugees’ rights, equality and poverty eradication.

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