Shapers Profile:


Jeroen Offerijns

CEO & Founder
42 Education
About me:

Focused on using innovation and exponential technologies to redefine education throughout the world, I am the founder of 42 Education. We are an international team of young people developing an inclusive learning platform for primary education. While working on this, I am also a student, working towards a BSc in Computer Science at the TU Delft.

For a long time, I have been writing lines of code and building things. The last three years have shown me the potential of social entrepreneurship and I have been trying to use my skills in this field. First, by joining an education project to support high school students using online tutoring, and later, by cofounding an education startup to enable blended learning in higher education.

As a Global Shaper, I hope to use my background in technology and education to support existing projects, at home and abroad. Even in The Netherlands over 1.3 million people are unable to read well. And on a global level, more than 800 million people are illiterate. My belief is that technology can speed up progress in these areas exponentially and I want to catalyse this process in any way I can.