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Reem Mouazzen

VP, Business Development
Youtoo Technologies
About me:

Reem Mouazzen is a Graduate from the University of Southern California
and also has an MBA from London Business School. Reem is a global
media professional that is working on innovative technologies that are
shaping the way television is consumed and interacted with. Reem has
worked for major international broadcasters such as ABC News, CNBC and
MBC, Los Angeles, Dubai and London. Reem was at the forefront of
developing and implementing strategic digital and social media
coverage of the Arab Spring in the Middle East providing platforms for
millions of youth to be heard. Reem is also working on a smart phone
app, FilFil, which is the first Middle Eastern social media food app.
She is working with innovative technology that integrates social media
platforms into live television giving viewers an interactive

Reem is a Global Shaper and a Vice Curator for World Economic Forum
and participates in global initiatives. Member, Alliance for Women in
Media. Member, Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

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