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Stefano Gurciullo

PhD Candidate
University College of London
About me:

Stefano Gurciullo intends to change the way we tackle economic and social insecurity by the use of information technology and complexity science. He is Founding Partner and Head of Products Portfolio at Yewno, a startup that provides machine learning solutions to address economic and financial complexity, and social impact. He is also a PhD Candidate at University College London, where he is developing systemic risk monitoring tools together with the Central Bank of England.

Stefano also addresses the illicit economy. He created a method of measuring the degree of infiltration of organized crime in the legitimate economy and in public institutions; his research has been featured in the MIT Technological Review. He coordinated the “Mafias in Africa” Project, who released the most complete overview of Italian organized crime’s economic interests in the African Continent, financed by the Gates Foundation.

Stefano served as an independent consultant to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, to Transparency International and to the European Commission.

Politics and Public Policy | Finance and Economy | Science and Technology