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Stefano Gurciullo

PhD Candidate
University College of London
About me:

Stefano Gurciullo is a PhD Candidate at University College London. Stefano intends to change the way we tackle corruption and security by the use of information technology and complexity science. He created a method of measuring the degree of infiltration of organized crime in the legitimate economy and in public institutions. His research has been featured in the MIT Technological Review. Previously, he also investigated the cocaine trafficking routes passing through West Africa, with a special attention to the role government officials have in it.

Stefano serves as an independent consultant to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, with the task of devising new Italian anti-corruption policies, to be funded through the 2014-2020 EU Structural Fund Program. Stefano is an Expert Reviewer at Transparency International and at the the European Commission. He provides support by evaluating proposals, reviewing projects and monitoring policies to be financed by the Horizon 2020 Programme, in the areas of global systems science, corruption and the illicit economy.

Stefano is deeply concerned with informing the public on the issues surrounding corruption and security. He is co-founder of the information project, in which he is lead author and editor in his areas of interest. He wrote over 60 articles and presentations, also appeared in major Italian newspapers. Stefano is a sci-fi lover, practices martial arts, and is slightly addicted to Nutella.

Politics and Public Policy | Finance and Economy | Science and Technology