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Shaping Davos is a conversation that features local solutions to global issues. #shapingdavos brings the world to Davos and Davos to the world through a series of live events hosted by the Global Shapers Community using two-way live streaming. In 2017 Shaping Davos connects cities from around the world to discuss 4 topics related to the theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2017 in Davos-Klosters. Community-wide local activities provide viewers with unprecedented access to insights from cities and issues in every major region of the world. The local activities will also ensure that the local community has the opportunity to move the issue forward locally.

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For more information about local activities, please see further below additional information in each city. This information is organised by the topic of the 4 Shaping Davos sessions. Please find more information about the Hubs and their speakers below.

Photo Gallery: please access the link below and scroll through this gallery of Shaping Davos photos that includes images from each of the cities where activities take place.



### Shaping Davos: Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide ### 

Watch the session live here: on 17 January 2017 at 17:30 CET

The urban-rural divide is growing across nations worldwide, intensifying societal and political frictions. How can the causes and effects of this polarization be tackled?

Connecting live to the following cities: 

  • Abuja on preventing radicalization 
  • Beirut on integrating refugee populations 
  • Paris on preventing political instrumentalization
  • Portland ME on overcoming bias and community segregation

Snapshots of Local Activities happening in cities ahead of session

City: Abuja (more information)

City: Beirut

City: Paris (more information)

City: Portland (more information)


### Shaping Davos: Cities as Hubs of Innovation ### 

Watch session live here: on January 18, 17:00 CET

The sheer density and diversity of cities fosters collaborative creativity that has produced some of humanity’s best ideas throughout history. How can we further enable cities as platforms for innovation?

Connecting live to the following cities: 

  • Belfast on boosting the knowledge economy 
  • Seattle on building an inclusive innovation ecosystem 
  • Quito on learning and productive cities 
  • Vancouver on making urban sustainability profitable

Participating but not live streamed, Chennai city.

Snapshots of Local Activities happening in cities ahead of session

City: Belfast (more information)

City: Seattle (more information)

City: Quito

City: Vancouver (more information)

City: Chennai


### Shaping Davos: Meeting the Youth Imperative ### 

Watch the session live here: on 19 January 2017 at 12:30 CET

Over 13% of the world's youth are unemployed and, in many countries, this figure easily goes beyond 40%. What innovative approaches in education and employment can political and business leaders pursue to help get youth off the streets and realize their full potential? 

Connecting live to the following cities: 

  • Baku on putting peer-to-peer learning into practice  
  • Bangalore on moving beyond blue-collar jobs
  • Budapest on combatting the drivers of brain drain
  • Monterrey on improving access to and reach of education

Participating but not live streamed, Khobar and Muscat cities.

Snapshots of Local Activities happening in cities ahead of session

City: Baku

City: Bangalore

City: Budapest (more information)

City: Monterrey (more information)

City: Khobar

City: Muscat (more information)


### Shaping Davos: Pioneering Change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution ### 

Watch session live here: on January 20, 12:00 CET

How can emerging economies lead the way on embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution to catalyse sustainable growth and inclusion?

Connecting live to the following cities:

  • Bhopal on moving towards digital and agile governance
  • Gaborone on implementing progressive technology policies
  • Tunis on enabling transparency and accountability
  • Yaroslavl on developing the future workforce

Participating but not live streamed, Kyiv city.

Snapshots of Local Activities happening in cities ahead of session

City: Bhopal (more information)

City: Gaborone (more information)

City: Tunis

City: Yaroslavl

City: Kyiv