Global Shapers Alumni Network

Our 1000+ member Alumni Network is a digital-first initiative by Shapers for Shapers.

Alumni are citizens of the world capable of building bridges across cultures and between business, government and civil society. Alumni serve as champions of the community, helping local hubs in ways large and small. Alumni volunteer their time and expertise to local hubs as board members, advisers and mentors, facilitating high-value connections and introductions in their cities and sharing best practices on processes like hub membership, governance, projects and partnerships.

Impact at the hub level is the greatest contribution Alumni can make. Alumni give back to their local communities.

1386 members

Ahmed Abbas

Vice-President, Business Development

@ Exelution GmbH

ADEOTI Abdel-Aziz

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Waleed Abd El Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

@ Mumm

Asset Abdualiyev

MPA candidate, Mason Fellow

@ Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Rakeb Abebe

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

@ GAWT International Business Plc

Alex Abelin

External Affairs Manager

Seif Abou Zaid

Chief Executive Officer

@ Nabadat Foundation

Luka Abrus

Chief Executive Officer

@ Five Minutes

Mahlet Abunie

Michel Achenbach

Junior Project Manager

@ Institute for European Affairs e.V.

Oluwayimika Angel Adelaja

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ Fresh Direct Produce and Agro-Allied Services

Willemijn Aerdts

Co-chair and lecturer

Aryata Agarwal


@ Jivika Foundation

Vedant Agarwal


@ Treehat

Andrew Agbo-Madaki

Chief Executive Officer

@ Decy-4 Technologies Limited

Kodjovi Agbessi Agbomadji

Sales Executive

@ Maersk Togo

Ravi Agrawal

Managing Editor

@ Foreign Policy Association

Harsh Agrawal

Managing Director

@ Eternal Jewels Pvt. Ltd

Regina Agyare

Chief Executive Officer

@ Soronko Solutions

Halima Ahmed

Political Activist and Candidate for Member of Parliament

@ The Youth Rehabilitation Center