Global Shapers Alumni Network

Our more than 600 strong Alumni serve as advocates and supporters for the Global Shapers Community and local hubs. Designed as a digital network, alumni connect with each other for both professional and personal development.

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1382 members

Ahmed Abbas

Vice-President, Business Development

@ Exelution GmbH

ADEOTI Abdel-Aziz

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Waleed Abd El Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

@ Mumm

Asset Abdualiyev

MPA candidate, Mason Fellow

@ Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Rakeb Abebe

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

@ GAWT International Business Plc

Alex Abelin

External Affairs Manager

Seif Abou Zaid

Chief Executive Officer

@ Nabadat Foundation

Luka Abrus

Chief Executive Officer

@ Five Minutes

Mahlet Abunie

Michel Achenbach

Junior Project Manager

@ Institute for European Affairs e.V.

Oluwayimika Angel Adelaja

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ Fresh Direct Produce and Agro-Allied Services

Willemijn Aerdts

Co-chair and lecturer

Aryata Agarwal


@ Jivika Foundation

Vedant Agarwal


@ Treehat

Andrew Agbo-Madaki

Chief Executive Officer

@ Decy-4 Technologies Limited

Kodjovi Agbessi Agbomadji

Sales Executive

@ Maersk Togo

Ravi Agrawal

Managing Editor

@ Foreign Policy Association

Harsh Agrawal

Managing Director

@ Eternal Jewels Pvt. Ltd

Regina Agyare

Chief Executive Officer

@ Soronko Solutions

Bootan Ahmed

Assistant Lecturer; Director, Media and Academic Relations

@ College of Nursing, Hawler Medical University