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The Abu Dhabi Global Shapers is a community of young, proactive leaders from various backgrounds who are working to make a positive impact on their local and global communities. 

The Abu Dhabi Hub works on a range of initiatives that aim to tackle social, economic, and environmental challenges, and they collaborate with various organizations and stakeholders to drive change.

The Global Shapers Community provides young leaders with a platform to connect, collaborate, and amplify their impact. Members of the Abu Dhabi Global Shapers come from a range of backgrounds, including business, government, academia, and civil society, and they are selected based on their leadership potential, passion for their communities, and commitment to making a positive impact.

33 members

Imad Abbas

Joined 25 Apr 2021

Malak Abdullah

Joined 3 Mar 2022

Akbobek Abilkaiyrkyzy

Joined 9 Jul 2023

Dana Ahmed

Joined 10 May 2023

Noor Al Ankar

Joined 25 Mar 2023

Amna AlBastaki

Joined 27 Sep 2023

Majed Al Blooshi

Joined 30 Jun 2020

Shamma Aldhaheri

Joined 28 Feb 2023

Abdulla Aldhaheri

Joined 27 Feb 2023

Omar Aldhuhoori

Joined 3 Mar 2022

Nouf Al Katheeri

Joined 13 Jul 2022

Latefa Almansoori

Joined 27 Sep 2023

Leen Almasood

Joined 15 Jan 2020

Aysha Almemari

Joined 14 Mar 2023

AbdelQader AlSaqqaf

Joined 4 Jun 2023

Mohamed Alshamsi

Joined 27 Feb 2024

Ghaya Alshamsi

Joined 7 Aug 2022


Alya Alzaabi

Joined 25 Jan 2023

Haya Aseer

Joined 28 Feb 2023

Khalifa Ballaith

Joined 16 Nov 2023

Majed Bin Saad

Joined 11 Mar 2023

Amal El bashari

Joined 15 Jan 2023

Hassan Elsheikh

Joined 18 Jul 2023

Khulood Fahim

Joined 11 Mar 2023

Khaled Ghaleb

Joined 7 Sep 2023

Maryam Hassani

Joined 15 Jun 2020

Mujeeb Khan

Joined 16 Jan 2023

Abhinav Mangat

Joined 5 Sep 2023

Nasser Mohammed

Joined 19 Jul 2022

Zayed Musaed

Joined 13 Jul 2022


Pranaav Parrth

Joined 20 Aug 2020

Hafsa Qadeer

Joined 14 Apr 2020

Nada Saadi

Joined 27 Feb 2024

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