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Addis Ababa Hub

Our Hub was founded in April 2012. We currently have 26 members whose career backgrounds range from the public to the private sector, from venture capitalists to creatives, and from consultants to entrepreneurs. Our Hub has consistently been represented in various annual WEF meetings in China, South Africa, Rwanda, Switzerland, and the Vatican City. The Addis Ababa Hub has a strong track record of leading relevant, innovative projects and engagements. For example, this past June, the Addis Ababa Hub launched a ban plastic bag campaign. The campaign launch gathered pioneers in Ethiopia’s environmental justice movement including Noble Cup (eco-friendly feminist reproductive health), Hopeful River Project (river restoration), Teki (plastic alternatives created by deaf communities), Menged Le Sew (Ethiopia’s open streets movement), EiABC composting (the campus-wide compost scheme of the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development at AAU), Zoma Museum (leading urban agriculture and Ethiopian vernacular architecture hub) and collected over 5,500 signatures. The Hub has a variety of other projects it has designed and supported on a need and interest basis. These projects include but are not limited to our Shape Your Knowledge Awareness Campaigns, Warka Speaker Series, Shape Your Business Workshops, Artists for Charity Hospital Painting Projects, Addis Art Walk, Shaping Davos High-Level Panel on Public Private Partnership, and Shape Your Career Trainings.

28 members


Azaria Estifanos

Maceda Afework Alemu

Siham Seid Ali

Rebecca Araya

Yohannes Balcha

Samra Bisrat

Kalkidan Fessehaye

Hileleule Getachew

Rewina I. Berhe

Selam Kebede

Gabriel Mekbib

Yidnekachew Mogessie

Jodahi Petros

Seble Samuel

Lidet Tadesse

Ethiopis Tadesse

Haimanot Tefera

Feven Tekalegn Tesfaye

Feleg Tsegaye

Liya Abraham

Ahadu Assefa

Yonaiel Belete

Haben Gebreslasie Bzuayene

Liya Daniel

Elsa Fitsum

Makeda Mekonnen

Albab Seifu


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