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Adelaide's Global Shapers Hub is comprised of young, passionate and diverse members spanning across multiple sectors and professions. We are very proud of our home city that is leading in climate change action, a destination for many international students, growing it's innovation and entrepreneurial sector, diverse in it's festival and art offerings and one of the most livable cities in the world. Formed in 2018, the Hub aims to make a contribution to our city and is currently working with other stakeholders in Adelaide on projects related to cross-cultural collaboration, the future of education, and the business opportunities of sustainability. United by optimism, our collaborative efforts aim to further enhance Adelaide's economic, social and environmental performance as one of the world's best middle-sized cities. Check out out podcast, and other initiatives:

We encourage applications all year round, and will assess them during our annual recruitment drive (check our Instagram and Facebook for details each year!). Apply through the link at the bottom of our website: 

14 members


Michelle Howie

Joined 10 Aug 2019


Leonard Saye Logan

Joined 14 Mar 2019

Impact Officer

Madison O'Brien

Joined 10 Aug 2021

Alexandra Bruhn

Joined 25 Jun 2019

Leon Cermak

Joined 14 Mar 2019

Steph Hopkins

Joined 27 May 2020

Mary Kelly

Joined 19 Aug 2019

Cassandra Lee

Joined 27 May 2020

George-Alexander Mamalis

Joined 4 Sep 2021

Suresan Rajandra

Joined 24 Aug 2021

Renee Ellice Schuit

Joined 21 Jun 2018

Danielle Seymour

Joined 21 Jun 2018

Sophie-Min Thomson

Joined 15 Aug 2021

Founding Curator

Daniel Conley

Joined 4 Jun 2018

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