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Aden Hub

The Aden Hub is born to serve the community for the better, with exceptional young talented young leaders. With a city like Aden facing big society and economical challenges, Aden hub is the engine to develop and improve the state of the city again. The Hub was founded in 2014 and it was the only organization with an economical background in Aden. Aden Hub has served the community with the first self crowdfunding helping 1000+ families with relief in 2015 and has launched many initiatives in the humanitarian and economical sector including in 2015 the first local Shaping Davos in Yemen.

19 members


Heba Faheem Haidar


@ PKN Aden

Naseem Albaiti

Ministre of Education at youth government of Yemen

Shada Alhubishi

Administrator, Human Resources


Ammar Alkaaki

WaSH Engineer

Nawas Althaibani

Senior MEL Specialist

Marwah Ba Sowid

Business Administration

Salah Baydan

Yemeni Youth Government Member

Hend Hanbalah

Business Woner

Mohammed Hasan

business woner

Fadi Ibrahim

Project Officer

Ahed Issa


Elyas Khan

Finance Specialist

@ Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ameen Laradhi

Civil engineer

Nisreen Nader


Musaab Noman

Fresh Graduate

Ruba Wahad Own


Abdulrahman mohammed Alebbi

Yemen Aden Al Mualla

Fatima Salah


Rania Wael

house wife

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