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Aguascalientes Hub

The Aguascalientes Hub works with a human-centered approach to tackle local challenges identified by our own community. We aim to create a circular ecosystem to link all sectors of society in the co-creation of our projects across three main areas:

  1. Protect the planet

  2. Reskill for the future

  3. Improve health and well-being

Through high impact projects and monthly activisms, we are shaping our city’s narrative and creating new opportunities to innovate and serve others. 

Nowsdays Aguascaluentes Hub is under the leadership of José Luis Alvarez as Curator, Laura Castillo as Vice-Curator and Antonio Díaz as Impact Officer. 

We are excited to see how young people will self-organize for impact and execute relevant projects that change the state of their cities!

For more information on our Hub membership and projects, or for information on applications or transfers, please follow us IG @globalshapersags


23 members

Jared Alfaro Layune

Joined 4 Nov 2016


José Luis Alvarez Sánchez

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Gabriela Beltrán

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Leslie Miroslava Benitez Marin

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Lenna Angelli Cruz Díaz

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Impact Officer

Antonio Diaz

Joined 15 Jul 2022

Blanca Nayeli Diaz de León salas

Joined 2 Feb 2023

Adrian Manuel Esparza Saldívar

Joined 17 Feb 2020

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Founding Curator

Edgar Gonzalez

Joined 18 Jun 2015

Emiliano Guel Guzman

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Emiliano López Alonso

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Monserrat Magaña Ocaña

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