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Ahmedabad hub has some of the most active, committed shapers who come from diverse backgrounds and also diverse parts of the country who have adapted Ahmedabad as their land for life. Friendship of Ahmedabad shapers brings them together to stand up for local issues, and get them together to work on a solution, partner with people, organizations and authorities. Shaping Education is one of the most focused efforts by Ahmedabad hub under the theme of alternative education for the community. Creative resources and activities are used to teach kids, women and underprivileged. Hub is also active in entrepreneurial ecosystem and forming Gandhi Change Award - the recognition for innovating hub project from across South Asia.

21 members


Madhish Parikh

Nidhi Vasantbhai Anarkat

Minal Buch

Harmeet Dawar

Aakash Doshi

Ankit Jain

Isha Memon

Jay Merja

Ashutosh Mishra

Pranav Modi

Tejas Motwani

Sharad Parekh

Palak Pankajkumar Patel

Rahul Ranjan

Aditi Ambarish Rindani

Manan Rajendrakumar Thakrar

Monica Yadav

Raj Andani

Shaili Bharatkumar Patel

Nishank Kamlesh Shah

Founding Curator

Sunil R. Parekh

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