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Alexandria Hub

Global Shapers Alexandria Hub is part of the international network of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative founded by the World Economic Forum. The hub comprises a group of University students and young professionals with diverse backgrounds and multiple expertise; who are devoted to tackling existing developmental challenges in the Alexandrian community.


United in our aim and leveraging our diversity, we have managed, since 2014, to address numerous impact areas; on top of which comes the protection of the planet and reskilling for the future of the local community. Through partnerships with various leading organizations I.e. Goethe institut, Swedish institute,.etc) and stakeholders in the community, we have successfully undertaken over 30 projects and activities that have had a positive impact on more than five thousand individuals.

12 members

Shrouk Abd El-Gwad

Joined 30 Apr 2023

Sohaib Atef

Joined 27 May 2022

Mohamed El Dallal

Joined 30 Jul 2013


Farah Essam Badawi

Joined 28 May 2022

Habiba Fawzy

Joined 26 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Mohamed Hagag

Joined 5 Mar 2023

Aya Metwaly

Joined 30 Apr 2023


Nada Mohamed

Joined 29 Dec 2020

Nour Mohamed

Joined 29 Dec 2020

Ahmed Nouh

Joined 5 Feb 2016

menna tallah reda

Joined 5 Mar 2023

Ahmed Amin Rehouma

Joined 11 Jul 2018

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