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Alexandria Hub

Alexandria hub is a collection of young professionals from diverse backgrounds and multiple expertise working together to shape the future. United in our aim and benefiting from our diversity we work in numerous fields including education, technology and business. Through partnerships with various leading organizations and stakeholders in the community we have developed projects aiming to give Alexandrians new opportunities and a brighter future.

31 members


Abdelrahman Abbas

Ahmed Amin Rehouma

Founding Curator

Tarek El Kady

Mirna Amoêdo

Mona Arslan

Menna Badawy

Ehab Darwish

AbdelMalek ElBarrawy

Mohamed El Dallal

Marwa Elzomor

Abdelrahman Gaafar

Moamen Ghanem

Ahmed Khaled

Rana Mohsen

Mahmoud Noaman

Ahmed Nouh

Christine Pardini

Mohamed Salama Salama

Ethar Samir

Ahmed Sheikha

Maryam Sherif

Sara Mohamed Nael Abdemoneim

Ahmed AlAttar

Islam Arafat

Ahmed Bastawy

Aya Eldighady

Marina Ibrahim

Amr Ramadan

Abd L-Rahman Sharaf

Sarah Walid

Rewan Youssif

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