Almaty Hub

Almaty is located in the heart of Eurasia. Our hub consists of ambitious and talented shapers who are making an invaluable contribution to society. Every day we are building a bright future for Kazakhstan. Almaty Hub follows its principles and mission to make the best for our people through projects such as education, gender equality, improving the environment, caring for the older generation and more. We pay great attention to the young generation and explain how to make the world a better place to live.

17 members

Aizhan Baitimbetova

Joined 21 Dec 2017

Aidana Bassenova

Joined 5 Jun 2019

Kazybek Beken

Joined 4 Jun 2019


Madina Bolat

Joined 25 Jan 2023

Aigerim Kabdrakhmanova

Joined 3 Jun 2019

Ainur Kenenbayeva

Joined 3 Jun 2019

Kamila Kenzhebayeva

Joined 4 Jun 2019

Gulnaz Kordanova

Joined 11 Aug 2016

Altynay Mambetova

Joined 3 Jun 2019

Akbota Mulkibayeva

Joined 30 Nov 2017

Alfiya Sailaubayeva

Joined 4 Jun 2019

Yerkebulan Saparov

Joined 3 Jun 2019

Viktoriya Satarova

Joined 2 Jul 2020


Anel Smagulova

Joined 25 Jan 2023

Alisher Temirlanov

Joined 16 Mar 2021

Bereke Tulepbergenova

Joined 4 Feb 2019

Amina Zhemeney

Joined 15 Feb 2018

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