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Amman Hub

The Amman Hub is proudly one of the very first Global Shapers Hubs launched, it is currently made up of a mix of young Jordanians with diverse backgrounds and experiences working together to improve the state of Amman, Jordan, MENA Region and the world as a whole. The main goal of the Hub is to work jointly with the local/regional community to create positive and sustainable long term projects that are tangible. Ever since its launch, the Amman Hub worked with several partners on various initiatives such as events, meet the leader sessions, mentor-ship programs and others which are all focused on the great public and community good.

19 members


Ibrahem Abu Hijleh

Yazan Abid

Saeed Abu Alhassan

Qusai Abushanap

Dana Marwan Al Akhras

Salah alDeen Alazaizeh

Nour Al Gharibeh

Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini

Aws Al Rawashdeh

Yaser Al-Rijjal

Hamza Arsbi

Nafez Dakkak

Ben Horne

Rasha Khalifeh

Ali Makahleh

Hasan Nabulsi

Mohammad Sammour

Saddam Sayyaleh

Founding Curator

Samer I. Asfour

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