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Anchorage Hub

The Anchorage Global Shaper Community is a diverse, talented, and highly unique group of young Alaskans that are changing not just our communities, but the world. Together with our partners and fellow Shapers around the globe, we have been involved in numerous official and unofficial initiatives. We are a young hub, but we are growing faster, stronger, and bolder in our dedication and abilities to create a better Anchorage.

13 members


Jonathan Drew Cason

Deputy Press Secretary

@ Alaska House Majority Coalition, Alaska Legislature

Ruddy Abam

Research Analyst

@ Northern Compass Group LLC

Xavier Mason

Chief Executive Officer

@ Project PhoenixGroup

Alejandro Soto


Liz Banicki

Legislative Assistant

Myles Creed

PhD Candidate

Reth Duir


Michael Edward Guzman

Human Resources NCO

Jose Benjamin Lucero

Transporter/ Behavioral Health Watch

Samantha Mack


Besse Odom

Field organizer

Kyle Worl

Yup'ik Teacher Assistant

Founding Curator

Jon Bittner

Deputy Commissioner

@ Alaska Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development

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