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Ankara Hub

Ankara Hub is a network of young people come together to change the state of their community and to make impact locally and globally. We consist of a diverse group from different backgrounds, nationalities, work and education levels. Since, Ankara is the capital of Turkey, we’re aware that we need partnerships with our government and local stakeholders. Our projects are but not limited to empowering women at work, taking climate actions, increasing awareness for the disabled.

20 members


Busra Kamiloglu

Ayşen Akçay

Yağmur Bayındır

Beliz Bediz Sinan

Elif Semra Ceylan

Mete Erdem

Yunus Can Esmeroglu

Kadir Güzelyurt

Haydar Ileli


Emre Karaselvi


Ali Melih Kirsan

Zehra Korkusuz

Youness Lahdili

Onur Ekrem Safak

Omer Serin

Necati Hizal Tasdelen

Mert Yenilmez

GABRIAL Zencha Ashungafac

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