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Antananarivo Hub

The Tana Hub members represent Tana through their diversity both in nationalities and backgrounds. An exceptionally talented group of people, who are passionate about having impact in their society and who are experts in their specific fields including energy transition, telecommunication, entrepreneurship, and politics. We come together to achieve a common vision: make the Tana Hub the platform connecting change makers in the city and be the voice of youth. Our projects serve our main mission: contribute to youth leadership development, build a strong network of change makers through multiple high value events, and cultivate a positive impact in society through Hub's actions and collaborative work with local associations and NGOs.

16 members


Ratsirahonana Tania

Riantsoa Andriamakaoly


Arthur Fraccaro

Payton Hansen

Omar Ibn Abdillah


Raphael-Ange PREBAY

Mirindra Sitraka Rakotoarisoa


Jay Ralitera

Seheno Mevasoa RAMAROJAONA

Hanta Tiana Ranaivo Rajaonarisoa

Felana Marion Razanamparany

Arnaud Steinfels

Founding Curator

Laza Randriamifidimanana

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