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Apia Hub

The Global Shapers Apia Hub is a dynamic group of young Samoans who are committed to self-improvement and social impact in their community. As a small island nation in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, we develop leadership potential and empower youth to be agents of change on a local, regional and global level.

Apia Shapers are focused on service to the community through social impact projects. As a group of ambitious, innovative, and collaborative leaders from a diverse background, we are unified by their desire to shape a better present and future for the people of Samoa and the Pacific Islands.

17 members


Nicc Moeono

Joined 17 Oct 2019


Alexandra Iakopo

Joined 5 Jan 2020

Dannicah Chan

Joined 3 Aug 2019

Sosefina Faaoso Noa

Joined 12 Jan 2020

James Faiumu

Joined 17 Oct 2019

Jasmine Crystal Koria

Joined 27 Oct 2021

Manuia Lameta-Brown

Joined 17 Oct 2019

Solialofi Potoi

Joined 27 Oct 2021

Fuatimu Semisi

Joined 28 Oct 2021

Atitoafaiga Tau

Joined 31 Dec 2019

Grace Une

Joined 2 Jan 2020

Eliana Viali

Joined 5 Aug 2019

Clyve Westerlund

Joined 27 Oct 2021

Faatasi Enefatu

Joined 28 Oct 2021

Francesco Tasi

Joined 20 Jan 2020

John Teueli

Joined 14 Jan 2020

Founding Curator

Olisana Mariner

Joined 20 May 2019

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