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Armenia's Hub is made up of 20 passionate young leaders seeking to promote positive change in Armenia, Quindío, Colombia. Our goal is to impact our city through several projects that work for sustainable development. We were created in the year 2020, and we are open to new ideas and projects. We are currently supporting different on going projects, such as Shapers For Venezuela, FOLU Quindío, among others.  

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17 members

Impact Officer

Juan Londoño

Joined 25 Feb 2020

Vice Curator

Verónica Olivares Zapata

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Olga Benavides Díaz

Joined 26 Feb 2020

Luis Ángel Bohórquez Ramírez

Joined 9 May 2020

Sara Valentina Celis

Joined 14 Feb 2020

Angela Jimena Chicaiza Ortiz

Joined 15 Feb 2020

María Alejandra Leguizamon

Joined 23 Feb 2020

Jimmy López

Joined 10 May 2020

Daniel Pachon

Joined 13 Feb 2020

Jose Patiño

Joined 20 Feb 2020

jhoan peña aguirre

Joined 12 May 2020

Susana Restrepo Tobón

Joined 19 Feb 2020

Julian David Serna Rave

Joined 21 Feb 2020

Daniela Upegui

Joined 20 Feb 2020


Joined 12 May 2020


Joined 9 May 2020

Founding Curator

Juliana Acosta Jaramillo

Joined 11 Nov 2019

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