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Asuncion Hub

The Asuncion Hub began in 2012 and currently has more than 20 young people with different profiles that are part of the community and seek to promote local projects in different areas according to their competencies and interests. The Shapers of Asuncion are students and professionals who are highly competitive and committed to their ideals. They seek to connect their live experiences and work activities with the energy and creativity of other young people with similar interests and ideas and thus generate a positive impact in the  city. Our mission is to convey our collective talents and entrepreneurial spirit with empowerment to be part of the solutions to problems that hinder the development and growth of the country in the 5 key areas of our action plan: basic needs, education, health, justice, and planning. Our Vision is to promote and develop projects to improve the quality of life of the people of our community, country and the rest of the world, through the union of networks, knowledge and experiences. We believe that a more just, equitable and less unequal society is possible through: Respect, Sincerity, Justice, Tolerance, Solidarity, Responsibility.

35 members


Vera Gonzalez

Juan Sebastian Bonini

Juan Cáceres Troche

Santiago Campos Cervera

Lucia Cardozo Fiorio

Latifi Riad Chelala Orué

Alexandra Cortese

María Fe Dos Santos

María Silvia Duarte Acha

Derlis Fleitas

Gabriela Lorely Gaona Benitez

Karina Garcete

Hermes González

Eduardo Gustale Gill

Catherine Kelly

Ximena Mendoza

Matías Daniel Orué Aveiro

Humberto Paredes

Laura Catalina Peña Vargas

Nancy Lorena Rios Caballero

Fernando Rivarola

Hugo Rojas

Luis Rojas

Rodrigo Rojas Jorquera

Bianca Soares

Rodrigo Sosa

Bruno Vaccotti

Fernando Vallese

Robert Watson

Sofia zanotti

Leyla Apud

Ximena Dure

Mauricio Gulino

Giovanna Romero

Founding Curator

Raul Gauto

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