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In the midst of the Greek economic downturn, Athens and its citizens face a great many challenges. The members of Athens Global Shapers Hub see this time as an opportunity for the younger generation to meet these challenges head on, building a solid foundation for a prosperous and creative future. The Athens hub is a diverse collective of young people who share common values and aspire to the entrepreneurial spirit. Working together the Hub takes initiatives that will have a positive social impact both locally and globally. The key to these initiatives lies in unlocking the talent of the young generation - empowering them to make a difference.

28 members

Iliana Agora

Joined 14 Dec 2019


Mirella Alexou

Joined 30 Jan 2020

Founding Curator

Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou

Joined 19 Nov 2012

Sotirios Baratsas

Joined 28 Mar 2018

Ioannis Besis

Joined 29 Jan 2020

Maria Bimpi

Joined 6 Dec 2020

Marina Cangelaris

Joined 28 Jan 2020

Foteini-Ilektra Christakopoulou

Joined 31 Jan 2023


Vanessa Davaroukas

Joined 19 Jun 2020

Joana Demirani

Joined 31 Jan 2023

Ismini Drosoforidi

Joined 5 Dec 2020

Alexandra Katsineli

Joined 21 Jun 2020

Pandelis Krinakis

Joined 31 Jan 2023

Impact Officer

Agapi Kyriakopoulou

Joined 6 Jun 2022

Fotios Machairas

Joined 31 Jan 2023

Fotios Machairas

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Nikolaos Nikitas Moulios

Joined 21 Jun 2020

Advisory Council

Marianthi Nika

Joined 11 Apr 2018

Konstantina Ntofi

Joined 14 Dec 2019


Joined 12 Jun 2022

Evangelos Paspalakis

Joined 20 Jun 2020

Panagiotis Pastroudis

Joined 21 Jun 2020

Angeliki Pittarokoili

Joined 2 Dec 2020

Elena Pittarokoili

Joined 24 Jun 2020

Vasiliki Poula

Joined 27 Feb 2023

Eleana Siskou

Joined 29 Jan 2020

Anastasis Stamatis

Joined 17 Dec 2019


Joined 21 Jun 2020

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