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The Atlanta Hub is a collection of exceptional and diverse young Atlantans who are committed to authentically improving the Atlanta community. Our work and activities center around our A.C.E. framework - action, connection, education. Everything that we do both internally and with the broader community is meant to fall into one of those three focus areas. Our Hub is extremely diverse in both background and profession which we are consistently leveraging to better inform ourselves and others about how we can be working to make Atlanta an example of equity and opportunity for cities across the US. 

57 members


Sonia Sequeira

Tayo Adeyefa

Courtni Andrews

Nirvana Archer-Findley

Keeya-Lee Ayre

Caroline Beckman

Crystal Block

Hiba Boujnah

Jasmine Burton

Ian Cohen

Meghan Cook

Jason Crain

Amelia Davis

Tiffany Din

Anna Ferguson

Jennifer Fundora

Jon Goldman

Kelsey Gray

Jesse Grossman

Raven Hinson

Sydney Hulebak

Jacey Lucus

Sam Martinez

Danielle McKinley

Aly Moler

Manuel Munoz

Ann-Marie Nunziata

Judy Oh

Ashley Overholser

Ré Phillips

Rick Southard

Jewel Thompson

Lindsay Trinkle

Terp Alexandra Vairin

Richard Alexander Western

Grace Williams

Nichole Wolf

A. Ian Wong

Sean Brazier

Stephanie Carvajalino Martinez

Ayanna Cash-Clements

Belinda Gadri

Jenna Gebel

Simone Grant

Paulina Guzman

Sheoyki Jones

Grace Lee

Durantae Lucas

Roman Calvin Mendes Jr

Ina Seferovic

Max Smith

Scooter Taylor

Shawn Tucker

Heather Turney

Malika Whitley

Rostam Zafari

Founding Curator

John Hope Bryant

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