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The Auckland Hub is a group of young innovators and entrepreneurs brought together by our shared desire to improve Tāmaki Makaurau.

We are passionate about improving the state of our city, and bring together a variety of interests and disciplines in order to facilitate real change.

Auckland is a fascinating and unique city. One third of all New Zealanders call Auckland home, we have a historic and significant Māori prescence, we're home to the largest polynesian population in the world, 40% of our population was born outside of New Zealand, our population skews younger than the rest of the country, and we're one of the most expensive cities to live in the world.

To tackle some of the problems of our young and growing city, Auckland Hub gathers together expertise accross filmmaking, impact investing, project management, strategy, law, medical research, international trade, and a variety of other disciplines. We work to utilise the skills accross our network to focus on challenging specific issues of concern in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Currently, these include projects working on; lonliness and mental health, equity in the digital divide, and climate change migration pathways. Our membership is also engaged in a multitude of individual personal and professional projects, and benefit from being able to access the hub's significant network of expertise.

We meet monthly to develop ourselves, the projects of our hub, and to socialise. We also meet annually with hubs from Wellington (Poneke) and Christchurch (Ōtautahi), and engage regularly with hubs from accross Oceania and the world.




24 members

Izzy Bigio

Joined 9 Feb 2022

Jacqui Burfoot

Joined 11 Feb 2022

Charles Cameron

Joined 23 Jul 2022

Jacques Cantin

Joined 20 Feb 2023

Bella Conyngham

Joined 2 Nov 2021


Cleo Gilmour

Joined 9 Feb 2022

Lei Gu

Joined 16 Dec 2019

Priyanka Handa

Joined 21 Mar 2023

Christopher Hayes

Joined 16 Dec 2019

Jill Kwan

Joined 16 Feb 2022

Dayeon Lee

Joined 5 Aug 2021

Chris Lijzenga

Joined 5 Aug 2021

Francesca Long

Joined 25 Jan 2024

Founding Curator

Rebecca Mills

Joined 6 Jun 2014

Nick Molcsan

Joined 21 Oct 2019

Kiran Patel

Joined 1 Nov 2017

Ayushi Pillai

Joined 26 Mar 2020


Pok Wei Heng

Joined 2 Mar 2021

Anzel Singh

Joined 20 Feb 2023

Janna Tay

Joined 14 Jan 2019

Shruthi Vijayakumar

Joined 13 Jan 2014

Tui Williams

Joined 2 Oct 2015

Impact Officer

Jamie Wood

Joined 20 Feb 2023

Jennifer Yeoh

Joined 24 Jan 2024

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