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Austin Hub

We are a young team of entrepreneurs, community leaders, artists, and industry professionals from Austin, Texas, who are part of the Global Shapers Community. We exist to amplify the voice of millennials, elevate conversations of equity and contribute to meaningful impact in our local Austin community by seeking best practices and support from the global network of hubs.

19 members

Sanika Bhave

Joined 23 Jul 2023

Kevin Chandra

Joined 23 Aug 2018

Kelsey Daugherty

Joined 18 Apr 2023

Kevin Gao

Joined 15 Jun 2023

Induja Gautam

Joined 23 Jan 2024

Impact Officer

Miranda Gottlieb

Joined 17 May 2022

Anthony Johnson

Joined 8 Oct 2022

Iann Karamali

Joined 8 Feb 2023

Madeline Krebs

Joined 27 Nov 2018


Collin Parker

Joined 9 Apr 2021

Sheel Patel

Joined 16 Oct 2023


Ben Pfeffer

Joined 20 Apr 2022

Alberto De Jesús Sánchez Ruiz

Joined 13 May 2022

Shristi Saraff

Joined 23 Feb 2024

Eiman Siddiqui

Joined 15 Sep 2017

Benjamin Speigner

Joined 31 Jul 2023

Marcus Sweeney

Joined 23 Jan 2024

Alexis J Taylor

Joined 15 Sep 2017

Victoria Zuber

Joined 3 May 2019

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