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Baltimore Hub

We are called by the pulse of Baltimore to individually and collectively promote equity, justice and innovation.

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Katie Deal

Brooke Petruzzelli

Meryam Bouadjemi

K. Jade Clayton

Alica Diehl

Alexis Colley Green

Ariel Hicks

Elizabeth Lamoste

Jaclyn Mahoney

Paul Xavier Mincarelli

Ava Pipitone

Becky Slogeris

Grace Xiao

Verlando Brown

Valeria Fuentes

Faiz Gani

Maria Isabel Garcia Diaz

Allie Gerstley

Brooke Harlander

Founding Curator

Fagan Harris

Meagan Harrison

Pava LaPere

Madeline Manlove

Celia Neustadt

DeJuan Patterson

Ava Pipitone

Ava Pipitone

Yunus Sevimli

Hannah Shaw

Rashad Staton

Jessie Walter

Matthew Zernhelt

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