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Baltimore Hub

Our mission is to build a community of young people committed to Baltimore’s success; and to leverage our community’s time, talent, and resources to elevate, support, and empower initiatives that build our city’s future.


We envision a Baltimore whose momentum and potential is represented and furthered by the leadership of a rising generation.

13 members


Darlyne Atatsi

Joined 24 Feb 2021


Keenon Jones

Joined 22 Feb 2021

Impact Officer

Kwadwo Boadi

Joined 18 Sep 2021

Yvonne Amponsah

Joined 20 Jun 2022

Essma Bengabsia

Joined 3 Mar 2020

Elizabeth Byler

Joined 6 Jul 2020

Shreen Ghaleb

Joined 3 Feb 2022

Aristide Manga

Joined 5 Jul 2022

Mitchell Oertel

Joined 3 Mar 2021

Lauryn Terry

Joined 22 Jun 2022

Omar Yousef

Joined 2 Aug 2022

Yelli Coulibaly

Joined 4 Oct 2022

Manuel Rodriguez

Joined 3 Aug 2022

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