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Baltimore Hub

Our mission is to build a community of young people committed to Baltimore’s success; and to leverage our community’s time, talent, and resources to elevate, support, and empower initiatives that build our city’s future.


We envision a Baltimore whose momentum and potential is represented and furthered by the leadership of a rising generation.

12 members


Katie Deal

Joined 4 Dec 2018

Impact Officer

Anwar Georges-Abeyie

Joined 25 Jul 2016

Alexis Colley Green

Joined 10 Apr 2017

Paul Xavier Mincarelli

Joined 10 Apr 2017

Brooke Petruzzelli

Joined 11 Jul 2018

Ava Pipitone

Joined 9 Aug 2019

Grace Xiao

Joined 13 Feb 2020

Valeria Fuentes

Joined 7 May 2020

Meagan Harrison

Joined 3 Dec 2018

Pava LaPere

Joined 12 Feb 2020

Martha Robichaud

Joined 22 Jul 2020

Hannah Shaw

Joined 4 Dec 2018

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