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Our mission is to build a community of young people committed to Baltimore’s success; and to leverage our community’s time, talent, and resources to elevate, support, and empower initiatives that build our city’s future.


We envision a Baltimore whose momentum and potential is represented and furthered by the leadership of a rising generation.

14 members

Yvonne Amponsah

Joined 20 Jun 2022


Darlyne Atatsi

Joined 24 Feb 2021

Essma Bengabsia

Joined 3 Mar 2020

Impact Officer

Kwadwo Boadi

Joined 18 Sep 2021

Elizabeth Byler

Joined 6 Jul 2020

Yelli Coulibaly

Joined 4 Oct 2022

Shreen Ghaleb

Joined 3 Feb 2022


Keenon Jones

Joined 22 Feb 2021

Aristide Manga

Joined 5 Jul 2022

Mitchell Oertel

Joined 3 Mar 2021

Manuel Rodriguez

Joined 3 Aug 2022

Sephora Saint-Armand

Joined 26 Mar 2023

Lauryn Terry

Joined 22 Jun 2022

Omar Yousef

Joined 2 Aug 2022

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