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Bandar Seri Begawan Hub

The Bandar Seri Begawan Hub is a community of passionate individuals committed to shaping a better future for Brunei Darussalam's youth. Our team hails from diverse backgrounds and fields from the creative industry to education, finance and entrepreneurship. Together, we use our knowledge and skills to champion youth unemployment issues through capacity building and development at the grassroots level aimed at empowering young people to shape a brighter future for themselves.

23 members


Wan Afifi Wan Ali

Joined 11 Jul 2018


Syahmi Zulfadhli Abdullah

Joined 2 Oct 2019

Impact Officer

Riyani Sidek

Joined 10 Nov 2019

Nadia Aji

Joined 13 Jan 2021

Izyan Anver

Joined 30 Jun 2020

Izzah Syazaidah Haji Abdul Rahman

Joined 29 Jun 2020

Nuralifah Hakimah Haji Abdul Razak

Joined 30 Sep 2019

Nurul Hadina Haji Alias

Joined 18 Aug 2017

Amali Hj Roslin

Joined 25 Jan 2017

Atiyah Hana Kaflee

Joined 22 Jul 2019

Charlotte Lim

Joined 10 Mar 2016

Salimatul Saleh

Joined 10 Mar 2016

Syauqie Satia

Joined 4 Jul 2020

Hana Som

Joined 26 Sep 2019

Nasri Tahir

Joined 22 Jan 2021

Fadli M Zaini

Joined 7 Jul 2020

Hazirah Zainuddin

Joined 13 Jan 2021

Sharon Lim

Joined 7 May 2019

Hui Yi (Emily) Lim

Joined 18 May 2019

Nur Azyyati Haziqah Mohamad

Joined 18 Jul 2020

Hamizah Umar

Joined 5 Jul 2020

Ak Liyaqat Zulkarnain

Joined 13 Jan 2021

Founding Curator

Shaun Hoon

Joined 11 Jun 2015

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