Barcelona Hub

The Barcelona Hub is made up of a multidisciplinary team of young professionals committed to bringing positive impact locally thinking globally. Our diversity represents the dynamism and variety of our city, and each one of us contributes with our different skills to the projects and challenges that we tackle. We are born out of the desire to make things happen and want to channel our energy into creating synergies within a strong community of young actors, determined to maximize the potential of Barcelona as a multicultural and thrilling European city.

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23 members

Núria Admetller

Joined 16 Nov 2020

Mariam Alsoudi

Joined 19 Dec 2023


Daniela Betancourth Ruiz

Joined 25 Nov 2019

Matias Campa

Joined 2 Jun 2023

Cristina Costa

Joined 1 Jun 2023

Ferran Joan Dalmau Fradera

Joined 4 Dec 2023

Emily Dawson

Joined 19 Dec 2023

Anna de Gea Fiter

Joined 13 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Claudia Faraudo

Joined 26 Nov 2022

Sergi Fayos Villalta

Joined 1 Jun 2023

Daniela Fernández Real

Joined 19 Dec 2023

Tània Ferré Garcia

Joined 1 Jun 2023


Lisa Ji

Joined 19 Dec 2022


Joined 30 Jan 2022

Cathrine Moe

Joined 30 Jan 2022

Maria Noguer Ribas

Joined 31 Jan 2022

Jon Olibares Arana

Joined 18 Dec 2023

Laia Orozco

Joined 21 Mar 2021

Anna Pellicer

Joined 30 Jan 2020

Ariadna Rodriguez Purti

Joined 20 Dec 2023

Emma Stoks

Joined 30 Oct 2021

Maria Trobat

Joined 30 Jan 2023

Joan Villoslada Camps

Joined 3 Jun 2023

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