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Beijing II Hub

The Beijing II Hub is the international hub of Beijing, comprised of a diverse group of global citizens with ties connecting China to communities all over the world. We cover industries such as technology, education, entertainment, journalism, law, non-profits, finance, and more. Together, we seek to bridge the gaps between China and the rest of the world via our projects and by connecting people.

16 members


Victoria Khu

Joined 8 Nov 2018


Joe Mazur

Joined 13 Apr 2019

Impact Officer

Rhea See

Joined 6 Jan 2020

Kimberly Chen

Joined 29 Dec 2021

Thomas Cheng

Joined 28 Mar 2018

Andrea Dal Mas

Joined 6 Jan 2022

Petros Djakouris

Joined 8 Nov 2018

Olesia Ermakova

Joined 28 Dec 2021

Minwoong (Eric) Hwang

Joined 28 Dec 2021

Biman Najika Liyanage

Joined 1 Sep 2017

Monrada Yamksikorn

Joined 5 Jun 2019

Chen Zishu

Joined 21 Apr 2019

Jennifer Holstein

Joined 31 Dec 2021

Yucheng Peng

Joined 6 Jan 2022

Lance Yau

Joined 30 Dec 2021

Huiling Zhou

Joined 29 Dec 2021

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