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Beijing II Hub

The Beijing II Hub is the international hub of Beijing, comprised of a diverse group of global citizens with ties connecting China to communities all over the world. We cover industries such as technology, education, entertainment, journalism, law, non-profits, finance, and more. Together, we seek to bridge the gaps between China and the rest of the world via our projects and by connecting people.

39 members


Biman Najika Liyanage

Thomas Cheng

Alejandro Artiach

Tania de Sousa Dias

Jovanka Dorovic

Fan Hongyi

Helena Javitte

Kayshell M Jennings

Victoria Khu

Sean Kon

Jasmine Lau Ching-Yu

Joe Mazur

William Peckham

Margaret Rudy

Rhea See

Aaron Shen

Andrew Shirman

Camilla Stelitano

Adrian Thomas

Di Tian

Pui Kei Tse

Jonas Wolf 郎伟

Cheng Charles Xia

Joan Xu

Zishu Chen

Tim Chen

Tyler Dimicco

Petros Djakouris

Jingting "Lily" Kang

George Leeming

Thomas Lehmann

Rachel Li

Linh Thi Phuong Nguyen

Siyi Amy Shi

Esther Tetruashvily

Lin Tian

xinxi wang

Andy Xia

Tiantian Zhang

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