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The Beijing II Hub is the international hub of Beijing, comprised of a diverse group of global citizens with ties connecting China to communities all over the world. We cover industries such as technology, education, entertainment, journalism, law, non-profits, finance, and more. Together, we seek to bridge the gaps between China and the rest of the world via our projects and by connecting people.

17 members

Kimberly Chen

Joined 29 Dec 2021

Chen Zishu

Joined 21 Apr 2019

Andrea Dal Mas

Joined 6 Jan 2022

Anastasiya Donskova

Joined 31 Jan 2023

Olesia Ermakova

Joined 28 Dec 2021

Hayk Geghamyan

Joined 25 Jun 2022

Daria Gerasimenko

Joined 28 Jan 2023

Mengyang He

Joined 28 Jan 2023

Jennifer Holstein

Joined 31 Dec 2021

Victoria Khu

Joined 8 Nov 2018


Joined 30 Jan 2023

Joe Mazur

Joined 13 Apr 2019


Alliance Niyigena

Joined 14 Dec 2018

Yucheng Peng

Joined 6 Jan 2022

Wang Xinxi

Joined 17 Jun 2020

Impact Officer

Monrada Yamksikorn

Joined 5 Jun 2019


Lance Yau

Joined 30 Dec 2021

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