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Benghazi Hub

The Benghazi Hub aims at creating a space where Benghazi youth can connect, uplift one another, and work on projects that are geared toward improving the quality of life in the city for all. We aim to do so by engaging with elementary and primary schools as well as public offices to execute well-targeted projects that will create a more prosperous and sustainable future for Benghazi and for Libya as a whole.

20 members

Ala Abdelwanis

Joined 28 May 2023

Mustafa Aftita

Joined 22 Dec 2022

Huda Alawame

Joined 21 Dec 2022

Doaa Albadri

Joined 14 Sep 2022

Ansam Almihdawi

Joined 4 Mar 2023

Founding Curator

Abdullah Almiqasbi

Joined 28 Apr 2022

Muhammad Al-Shwehdi

Joined 21 Dec 2022

Muhanad Belhasan

Joined 26 Dec 2022

Muhammed Ben Saoud

Joined 26 Dec 2022

Heba Ben Shatwan

Joined 21 Dec 2022

Huda El bashari

Joined 21 Mar 2023

Amir Elbrki

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Mohammed Elfagei

Joined 14 Sep 2022

Sara Elsalawi

Joined 21 Dec 2022

Isra Elwerfali

Joined 4 Jan 2023

Suhaib Fathi

Joined 21 Dec 2022

Nour Al-Huda Fawzi

Joined 5 May 2022

Mohammed Ghwale

Joined 21 Dec 2022

Hassan Hussain

Joined 19 Oct 2022

Taha Tarbah

Joined 17 Jan 2023

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