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Berlin Hub

Berlin Hub is a group of young people acting for positive impact in our local community. We are around 30 young people with a broad variety of professional backgrounds: IT, media, entrepreneurship, law and literature. We are proud to be part of the Global Shapers Community. We love to contribute to social projects in Berlin with our different experiences, perspectives, networks and skill-sets.

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28 members


Melda Akbas

Melodi Kaya

Eric Adolphs

Deniz Bayraktaroglu

Teresa Budetta

Stefano Gurciullo

Ziar Khosrawi

Felix Klein

Ramiro Lopez

Asha Manoharan

Emily McDonnell

Corinne Moeller

Balázs Némethi

Ayodeji Okunlola

Julia Pardo

Joscha Raue

Jessica Schanz

Christian Alexander Schroeder

Rachel Sorenson

Vlad Surdea-Hernea

Founding Curator

Jonathan Teklu

Daniel Topolanek

Carolin Turbahn

Martin Volpe

Judith Kehinde Dada

Kevin Hiller

Alena Klatte

Katharina Niermann

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