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Bhopal Hub

The Global Shapers Community Bhopal was founded in March 2015 after a comprehensive search for Bhopal’s brightest individuals with a drive and passion for social impact. The Bhopal Hub brings together a diverse group of 21 young people passionate about creating positive change who are selected based on their achievements, commitment and leadership potential. The Bhopal Hub meets monthly and has undertaken a range of projects designed to be local in focus and governance to achieve a social impact for the community.

Our Shapers have maintained an active regional presence and will be playing pivotal role in South Asia ’17 annual SHAPE event. Also, Bhopal Hub has interacted and collaborated across borders on global and regional projects through events like Shaping Davos ’17 and other local summits. The Hub has run multiple local events with high attendance of young people.


19 members


Harshit Sharma

Shivendra Agarwal

Ishaan Bhargava

Abhinav Jain

Nikita Kothari

Dhananjay Kothari

Rishi Manuja

Arundhati Pandey

Arpit Pathak

Isha Rai

Dr.Kanchan Saxena

Sakshi Sharma

Umang Shridhar

Akshat Shrivastava

Agney Singh

Harsh Songra


Shobhit Agarwal


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