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Birmingham Hub

Established in August 2020, The Birmingham Hub represents a diverse mix of young people who have been working in or around the city of Birmingham shaping dialogue, creating solutions on the socioeconomic issues impacting the city.

WE ARE - community leaders, tech innovators, teachers, community mobilisers, policy advisors, entrepreneurs, caregivers, students, STEM enthusiasts and experts, writers, musicians etc. What connects us is our ambition and drive to make a difference in this great city. Our key areas of focus are:  Youth Employability and Skills Acquisition  Climate change  Diversity and Inclusion

15 members

Naomi Bennett

Joined 9 Jan 2021

Jonathan Brooks

Joined 21 Aug 2020

Chris Burden

Joined 10 Jan 2021

Lucy Gosling

Joined 10 Jan 2021

Lucie Laclie

Joined 21 Aug 2020

Aaliyah Miller

Joined 21 Aug 2020

Isa Mutlib

Joined 4 Sep 2020

Satheesan Nagendran

Joined 9 Jan 2021

Christina Webley

Joined 9 Jan 2021

Joshua Williams

Joined 10 Jan 2021

Sadaqat Hussain

Joined 10 May 2021

Annie Kehoe

Joined 14 Jul 2021

Yomi Olusunle

Joined 11 Jul 2021

Sebastian Winter

Joined 13 Jul 2021

Founding Curator

Maryam Mshelia Rooney

Joined 24 Mar 2016

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