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Bishkek Hub has realized five projects benefiting over 1,000 young people in the region. Bishkek Hub is committed to developing youth leadership and enhancing the collaboration of higher educational institutes in Bishkek to better advocate for the needs of young generation in the Kyrgyz Republic. In 2015-2016, we determine our priorities as 1) strengthening the network of educational institutes to further advocate for educational reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic; 2) developing youngsters’ leadership and critical thinking as being community leaders; 3) enhancing civic engagement and social inclusion among youth in regions. GSB MISSION 2015-2016: “Impact 10,000 lives in the Kyrgyz Republic” through strengthening the network of the educational institutes and promoting civic engagement and social inclusion among youth in regions across the country.

19 members


Makhabat Maksatbekova

MBA student

@ American University of Central Asia

Kunduz Adylbekova


Mederbek Aitbaev


Aziza Ishmakhametova

Program manager

Beknazar (Aibek) Sapashov

Founding Partner

@ Lewox

Saikal Tashbolotova


@ Studio "Make yourself"

Jenny Ensi Tszie

Founder & Director; Counselor of Minister of Economy (volunteering-...

Aisuluu Zhamangulova

Curator, Bishkek Hub

Zoya Belmesova

Business Manager, Business English Instructor

Chubak Boikonov

Co-Founder and CEO

Esen Dzhumanov


Burul Faridinova

Lawyer, researcher

Cholpon Medetbekova


Kanybek Mukalaev

software engineer

Mingoiim Nishonova


Ali Mukhamed Palitaev

Python developer

Meerim Soltobaeva


Nursultan Sulaimanov

CEO & Co-founder

Founding Curator

Mirsuljan Namazaliev

Managing Director


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