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Bogota Hub

Bogota's Hub is made up of young motivated people from different backgrounds, gender origins and physical conditions. Our goal as a Hub build a humane and genuinely involved community, motivated by its members' progress and positive impact in Bogota.

Our Hub's diversity makes us unique and open to new ideas and projects. We are currently carrying out different on-going projects focused on education, employability and entrepreneurship, sustainability, reduction of inequalities, among others. 

28 members

Jaime José Aguilera Rodríguez

Joined 25 Oct 2018

Carlos Rodrigo Ballesteros Puerto

Joined 8 Mar 2018

Daniel Bayram Vásquez

Joined 12 Oct 2019

Impact Officer

José Sebastián Calderón Pedraza

Joined 19 Oct 2020

Sergio David Casanova Vargas

Joined 15 Nov 2018


Joined 2 Apr 2019

Juan David Cervantes

Joined 14 Oct 2019

Erika Cortés

Joined 15 Oct 2020

Alejandro René Daly Rivero

Joined 15 Nov 2018

Daniela Escobar

Joined 19 Jan 2018

Alfonso Escolar González

Joined 23 Oct 2019

Camila Andrea Forero López

Joined 13 Oct 2019

Jennifer Garzon

Joined 16 Oct 2020

María Isabel Giraldo Moreno

Joined 29 May 2023

Esteban Gutierrez Aparicio

Joined 1 Feb 2018

Diana Carolina Lancheros Ardila

Joined 20 Oct 2019


Augusto Moreno

Joined 8 Mar 2018

Andrés Mauricio Oyuela Téllez

Joined 15 Nov 2018

Paola Rocio Paternina Chicre

Joined 19 Jan 2018

Maria Jose Ramirez

Joined 19 Jan 2018

Jorge Humberto Reyes Pimiento

Joined 15 Nov 2018

Maria Jimena Rojas Mendez

Joined 15 Nov 2018

Juan José RojasOrtiz A.

Joined 30 Oct 2019

Mariana Rozo Paz

Joined 29 May 2023

Diandra Ruiz

Joined 29 Oct 2019


Diego Hernán Salamanca Molano

Joined 15 Nov 2018

Sofía Sequera Gutiérrez

Joined 29 May 2023

Karem Suarez

Joined 15 Nov 2018

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