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Boston Hub

The mission of the Global Shapers Community is to build a global community of outstanding young people committed to improving the state of the world. In Boston, we see a special value in bringing young leaders from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise together. As such, the Boston Global Shapers are a group of individuals throughout the public, private, and social sectors focused on community, growth, and impact. We are eager to help each other’s missions, accelerate, and thrive. To this end, the Boston Hub brings people together who can execute in support of one another, through both personal and professional relationships.

45 members


Neekta Hamidi

Ryan Ansin

Leonardo Banchik

Zahra Bhaiwala (Alkhateeb)

Charles Birts

Johan Bjurman Bergman

Howard Ross Cohen

Svetlana Dotsenko

Anand Ganjam

Newsha Ghaeli

Juan Giraldo

Kyle Gross

Nadine Habayeb

Eduardo Hariton

Emilie Jan Javorsky

Joyce Kim

Shai Kivity

michael langer

Christopher Lee

Ruiyi Liu

David Mou

Juliet Arleen Nelson

Gorick Ng

Chiderah Okoye

Ryan OMalley

Julian Peat

Josuel Plasencia

Chaya Pomeranz-Sherman

Abhishek Raman

Michael Raspuzzi

Jacob Reisch

Jennifer Riedel

Katie Shultz

Meicen Sun

Ryan Dion Taylor

Yannis Valtis

Helene Vincent

Scott Bailey

Giffin Daughtridge

Olu Ibrahim

Rachel Kanter

Daniel Nevius

Annie Rittgers

Christian Seale

Founding Curator

Matthew Anestis

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