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Brasilia Hub

City-based Hubs are the core of the Global Shapers Community. Each Hub is required to undertake an impact-generating project to better their local community. Additionally, Hubs organize workshops, meetings with leaders, and other activities that increase its members' capacity for impact as current and future leaders. Hub activities are non-political, non-partisan and always focused on the greater public good.

Brasília Hub is very diverse in terms of it members professional activities and places they came from in the city. Many  administractive regions are represented on Brasília Hub, such as Plano Piloto, Águas Claras, São Sebastião, Sudoeste, Taguatinga and Ceilândia. Related to the fact of being the capital of the county, the city is highly associate among the ideia of being the center of political decisons in Brazil. The profesional backgrounds of Brasília Global Shapers are related with politics like polical consultancy or working on the state or national government, but also with social entrepreneurship, design, consultancy, sustentability.

Brasília Hub was founded in 2014, since then our member had developed projects that impact many areas of our community like gender inequality, sustentability, access to education, disincentive of consumism, reduction of trash generation, political education.




28 members


Gabriel Costa Caldas

Joined 18 Feb 2016


Stefanie Ólives

Joined 29 Jan 2020

Impact Officer

Raquel Moraes

Joined 23 Apr 2021

Gabriela Beltrão

Joined 22 Jan 2022

Thainy Bressan

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Joao Rafael Brites

Joined 19 Nov 2012


Joined 20 Jan 2022

Elias Couto e Almeida

Joined 18 Feb 2014

Mariana Fernandes

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Fernanda Hakme Ferreira

Joined 25 Jul 2014

Roberto Junior

Joined 20 Jan 2022

Priscilla Maciel Teixeira

Joined 13 Sep 2018

Juliana Moreira

Joined 20 Jan 2022

Henrique Mota

Joined 1 Feb 2020

Gabriella Prado

Joined 30 Jan 2020

Ana Clara Queiroz

Joined 5 Apr 2018

Lucas Ribeiro

Joined 29 Jan 2020

Pedro Henrique Rodrigues de Melo da Cunha

Joined 25 May 2014

Ester Sabino

Joined 16 Mar 2020

Ingrid Silva Sampaio

Joined 30 Apr 2014

Geovanna Dantas

Joined 23 Apr 2021

Thiago de Aragão

Joined 30 Jul 2013

Nathália de Freitas

Joined 17 May 2021

Bianca Freitas Viana

Joined 24 Jan 2022

Ingrid Moura

Joined 22 Jan 2022

Dara Rattes

Joined 24 Jan 2022

Izabelle Sardinha

Joined 22 Jan 2022

Vitória Carolina Tavares Chaves

Joined 6 May 2021

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