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Brussels is where frontiers become foundations of inclusive projects, the capital where Belgium's diversity meets into a nation; the heart of the European Union. Brussels best embodies the notion of thinking global and acting local, as it is home to the grand vision that underpins the European project and of challenges facing communities at a neighbourhood level.

The Brussels Hub strives to be an expression of such diversity with a very eclectic group of Shapers in its membership. From local entrepreneurs to European civil servants, they focus their minds and energies on promoting small acts of betterment that feed into a larger movement for progress.

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28 members

Celia Abchiche

Joined 3 Feb 2020

Aliyyah Ahad

Joined 29 Jan 2020

Silvia Anna Ainio

Joined 2 Mar 2019

Sevim Aktas

Joined 15 Oct 2020

Tommaso Alberini

Joined 26 Jan 2021

Dylan Bokler

Joined 27 Jan 2023

Michael Bruton

Joined 22 Aug 2019

Sandra Cánovas Alonso

Joined 15 Jan 2020

Axelle Charlier

Joined 1 Feb 2022

Clara Dassonville

Joined 25 Jan 2023

Alexis Dunand

Joined 12 Sep 2022

Lena Eisenreich

Joined 12 Sep 2023

Philipp Hackel

Joined 20 Sep 2023

Founding Curator

Koen Hoornaert

Joined 4 Jan 2013

Anouk Hut

Joined 7 Jul 2020

Sofia Karagianni

Joined 15 Mar 2018


Tordi Bari Kpalap

Joined 27 Nov 2020

Johanna Benedetta Lunghini

Joined 25 Jan 2023

Marine Marty

Joined 17 Sep 2023

Elizabeth (Liza) Jean Miezejeski

Joined 15 Sep 2023

Tigran Mkrtchyan

Joined 1 Feb 2022

Kruti Munot

Joined 6 Jul 2020

Martin Nera

Joined 15 Jan 2020

Oana Popescu

Joined 11 May 2018


Joined 16 Sep 2023


José Luis Rojas Segura

Joined 3 Dec 2018

Community Champion

David Alexandru Timis

Joined 22 Sep 2016

Impact Officer

Krisztina Zálnoky

Joined 19 Jan 2021

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