Budapest Hub

The Global Shapers Budapest Hub brings together young individuals who come from different backgrounds and have demonstrated exceptional achievement in their field of activities. These young professionals are economists, designers, lawyers or doctors who all share a common goal, which is to contribute to the community by shaping the mindset of the Hungarian youth. The Global Shapers Budapest Hub aims at providing a platform for general discussion on relevant topics that are shaping our society today in Central-Eastern Europe and Hungary, and seeks to spark public dialogue. It is an organization which wishes to spur responsible citizenship and contribution to the community both through actions and ideas.

23 members

Impact Officer

Jonathan Aeschlimann

Joined 2 Feb 2020

Mark Bednar

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Balazs Bognar

Joined 22 Nov 2013

Founding Curator

Nilda Bullain

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Vivien Judit Csapliczky

Joined 20 Aug 2020


Balázs Czigány

Joined 20 May 2022


Marcell Dengi

Joined 20 May 2022

Daniel Dr. Végh

Joined 18 May 2016

Mark Ferician

Joined 20 May 2022

Juan Daniel Gonçalves

Joined 3 Apr 2019

Kata Gyarmati

Joined 8 Jul 2016

Marton Havas

Joined 6 May 2020

Zsófia Hidvégi

Joined 10 Feb 2022

Martin Horváth

Joined 10 Jan 2022

Zineb Houssine

Joined 2 Feb 2022

Lili Lantos

Joined 24 Aug 2020

Clara Latini

Joined 16 Nov 2017

Janka Reke

Joined 5 Aug 2020

Community Champion

Anita Seprenyi

Joined 3 Apr 2019

Réka Szabó

Joined 4 Aug 2023

Bence Vas

Joined 14 Feb 2021

András Volom

Joined 29 Nov 2018

Viktor Weisz

Joined 24 Jul 2020

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